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Lola & Lamar has always been committed to love, equality and acceptance - they're the foundations we were built upon. Our campaigns and platforms are are all about strength and positivity, with models who inspire us regardless of race or sexuality. We will continue to believe and support the movement that every body is a bikini body.


Lola & Lamar was inspired by the Carioca attitude of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where every body; all shapes and sizes, young and old, rock the minimalist fio dental bikinis, complemented by a carefree attitude. We strive for each collection to be a celebration of strength and simplicity, with a mission to prove that there's a certain seduction when a swimsuit is just perfect.
We endeavour to continue to build our community and the movement towards body positivity and inclusivity, regardless of body type, shape or size. 


Half of our founding duo is African-American and since the beginning of our story, we have committed to establishing, promoting and supporting a culture of inclusivity of all races and backgrounds. Through our campaigns and platforms we regularly include and work with models and talent that represent a variety of communities and the diversity of our customers. and it will always be important to us.







We aim to inspire confidence in our customers when it comes to how they dress and present themselves to the world, on the beaches or by the pool. We regularly team up with some of the coolest girls around the world, and our campaigns are made up of strong women that aim to inspire and influence through their attitudes and positivity.



We are a very small team, but as we grow, we are committed to promoting a diverse workforce, providing equal opportunities, support and respect, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age or disability status.


Team Lola & Lamar x